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Mature couple standing in front of house

Buying Recreational Properties: 7 Important Things You Need To Keep in Mind

Are you dreaming of that weekend getaway or making leisure your new lifestyle? Either way, contemplating what life will be like in a home built for fun is exciting. We compiled our most common concerns that buyers bring up when they're ...

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Avoid These 5 Common Mistakes When Selling Your Home

Avoid These 5 Common Mistakes When Selling Your Home

Selling your home can be a stressful experience. The daunting task of packing, preparing the house itself for showings and photos, the emotional toll of the flurry of activity can add up to a big ball of anxiety. While most of the proce...

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Property of the Month

Property of the Month: 505 Queen Ann St., George West, Texas 78022

505 Queen Ann St. in George West, Texas is the best of both worlds. You have a home on almost half an acre in the middle of town that is completely remodeled. This is a basically brand new house is a few blocks from the high school, yet has...

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Rural Texas ranch and farmland near San Antonio, aerial view

Stock tanks bring water to a dry Texan landscape

The Lone Star State is home to over 840,000 ponds and lakes called stock tanks. These muddy, artificial reservoirs are often created by bulldozing pits or dams across gulleys in order to catch surface runoff. On average, stock tanks in T...

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Anemone flower covered with hoarfrost in spring

Winterizing your landscape in South Texas

The best time to prepare your plants for winter is from October and early November. South Texas communities typically get their first frost around the second week of November, though in some cases, frost can appear in late October. Thoug...

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county home for sale on acreage in Live Oak County

The allure of 122 CR 308, George West, Texas 78022

Just minutes away from George West and Three Rivers, you’ll find this beautiful property on top of a majestic hill. The residence at 122 CR 308, George West, Texas 78022 lets you thrive in a peaceful park-like setting with mature live oak...

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What You Need to Know about Texas Wildlife Management and Taxes

Texas is known for having one of the highest property tax rates in the country. That’s why the Texas State Legislature has come up with various incentives to reduce landowners’ tax burden and encourage more people to buy land in Texas. ...

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Green pastures of horse farms. Country summer landscape.

6 Important Features to Look for in a Ranch Property

Owning your own ranch property comes with a number of great benefits. It gives you space and the freedom to start your own farm or business and it can reward you with huge returns. But before you buy one, it’s important to assess its feat...

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9917 West Highway 72, Pawnee, TX 78119 A Prime Ranch Property Find

9917 West Highway 72, Pawnee, TX 78119: A Prime Ranch Property Find

Looking for a place to build your own ranch? 9917 West Highway 72 in Pawnee, Texas gives you all the acreage you need. It is 637.64 acres of fairly flat land dotted with a variety of trees and shrubs – and it can be all yours for $1,785,3...

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Featured Property: 745 FM 889, George West, Texas 78022

A sprawling 80-acre ranch property in the heart of Live Oak County awaits when you pull up the driveway of 745 FM 889 in George West. It is currently listed for an amazing price of $625,000. Surrounded by natural beauty, this gorgeous tu...

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