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Ideas for the Quickest Home Sale

Ideas to help your home selling success

Yes, selling your home can be as quick as the proverbial lightning – and you can snag a great deal for it at the same time! It’s not magic, though, and you still need to make the necessary preparations and have the proper guidance to proceed with your home sale sans any hitches.

Our team of experts at Desert Flower Realty put together this list of ideas to help you get started on your rapid dash toward home selling success:

Go for gold; get a good real estate agent.

True, you can actually DIY selling your home. You get to keep all the proceeds from your home sale to yourself. Then again, brace yourself for possible missteps that could extend the process and prove to be too costly. Then there’s the back-breaking, time-consuming, stress-inducing work to deal with.

But if you hand all these major home-selling concerns to a trustworthy real agent with a genuine passion for their work and their clients, you’ll be gliding through each segment of the process smoothly. And when there are little to no hitches, you can be assured of a fast and stress-free sale.

Give your home a “brand-new” appearance.

Appearance is everything when marketing a product, and it’s no different when selling a home. You have to invest in the “looks” department to get the attention of potential homebuyers.

Here’s a rundown of important to-dos in giving your home an instant makeover:

  • Give your home better (and preferably, more energy-saving) lighting.
  • Hire a professional landscaper for your lawn.
  • Repaint walls; choose neutral colors.
  • Replace old carpets. If you don’t have carpets, get some to serve as room accents.
  • If you have the budget for it, update old or broken appliances.

On top of the above-mentioned recommendations, also go on a decluttering and depersonalizing spree. With nothing distracting their line of vision, you help ease buyers into that vision of themselves living with their family in your home.

Price your home smartly

Don’t factor in the emotional attachments you have with the home in setting a price for it. Treat the home selling process as a no-frills business transaction. Your realtor can help you to look at comparable sales of homes recently sold in your neighborhood with similar characteristics to your home. In finding the average price of these homes, you’ll get a better idea of how to price yours. It will also be easier for you to justify your asking price when you face buyers on the negotiation table.

Seek professional help – for your home, of course.

Enlisting pros to help you with your home sale assures you that you have people doing what they do best in seeing to it that you achieve your real estate goal fast. A pro photographer will be able to capture the best angles and features of your home for online listings. A pro home stager will know how to compose your living areas to make them look inviting to buyers. Leave it to these industry experts to bring you to closing time in a jiffy.

Social media is your friend.

By now you already know how easy it is to share data on social media. Imagine sharing your listing alongside your selfies and food photos. From your friend list alone, you’ll already have more than a hundred potential buyers! What more if you shared it publicly? Such is the power of this digital medium.

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