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Deciding To Sell & Selecting An Agent

Why do you want to sell your property?

Do you intend to find a larger property, downsize for retirement, or move out of the area? Being clear about your intentions for selling will make it easier for us to determine the most appropriate option for your particular financial, lifestyle and real estate goals.


Following are factors to keep in mind when looking for a listing agent:

  1. Experience and Expertise. We are full-time agents who are familiar with your area and with the type of property you intend to sell. We employ a diverse range of marketing and advertising strategies. How many properties has he or she been able to sell in the past? Our Broker and agents not only work in the area where your property is located but we live in the area as well.


  1. Availability and Commitment. We make it a point to keep in touch with you regularly throughout the listing-to-sale process.We can always be contacted in case of emergencies or even for the most simplest of questions.We are available on the weekends and in the evenings when most buyers are out looking.


  1. Over the last 26 years, we have developed a rapport with a large network of appraisers, lenders, surveyors, title companies, and top-producing real estate companies. In addition to our network of real estate professionals, we employ many resources to market your property such as: professional photography, internet marketing strategies, multiple listing services, print advertising, and more.