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The following links provide useful information for rural property owners.

Searching for a Texas Parks and Wildlife District Wildlife Biologist?

Texas Wildlife Management Planning

Parks and wildlife website contains the application documents necessary for agricultural and wildlife exemptions:

Wildlife management information such as habitat control, providing supplemental supplies of water, erosion control, wildlife census counts, and more.

Non-Profit Air Ambulance Service in South Texas

HALO-Flight’s service area covers 26 counties, 28,000 square miles and a population of more than one million. Based in Corpus Christi, TX and in conjunction with regional hospitals, EMS, & law enforcement agencies, HALO-Flight was established to provide the quickest response time and highest quality of care to the critically ill and injured.

Soil Considerations in Pond Construction

Careful planning, with full consideration of the types of soil materials involved, will pay huge dividends to anyone interested in tank (pond) construction or renovation.

Soil Sample Information

Urban and homeowner soil sample information form

Choosing the right kind of septic system

How to choose the right kind of septic system for your household size and soil type