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South Texas Ranch Land

When you invest in South Texas ranch land, you become part of a ranching and agricultural tradition that dates back more than two hundred years to a time when the region was still considered a part of New Spain. Cattle ranching became widespread in South Texas in the mid-1700s when some of the first ranchos were established along the banks of the Rio Grande. Before that, in the Spanish missions at San Antonio and Goliad, cattle ranching was already an integral part of life. Goliad, in fact, was the site of Texas’ first significant cattle ranch.

South Texas ranch land continues to do well in today’s real estate market.

South Texas Ranch Land for Sale

Whether you’re interested in South Texas ranch land for ranching or recreational purposes, you’re certain to be more than satisfied with the wealth of choices available, as well as with the expansive sizes of most of the ranches in South Texas. Ranch properties continue to perform well in today’s real estate market and South Texas ranch land is priced at approximately $1,800 to $3,200 per acre.

South Texas Ranch Land and South Texas Hunting Land

Desert Flower Realty has been in the business of buying and selling South Texas ranch land for over 26 years. If you’d like to know more about ranch and hunting land in South Texas, contact us at 800-388-8526 or send an e-mail to desertflowerrealty(at)desertflowerrealty(dotted)com.

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