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Ranch Land In South Texas

No two parcels of ranch land in South Texas are created alike. As a whole, however, ranch land in South Texas is considered to be some of the best in the Lone Star State. For the first-time visitor to the region, the terrain may look the same – especially when viewed from along the I-35 or I-37 – but the varieties and distinctions of ranch land in South Texas become more apparent when you tour the different sub-regions extensively.

Live Oak County ranch land, for example, generally has a more sloping topography compared to the flatter terrain of Webb County ranch land. If you’re looking for ranch land in South Texas that features great hunting, you may want to start your search in the golden triangle area, which includes Webb County and LaSalle County ranch land. In fact, according to the Boone and Crockett Club, Webb County is the number one record-book buck-producing county of all time in the entire United States.

In general, South Texas whitetail bucks are well-known for their above-average antler size. The expansive size of parcels of ranch land in South Texas, as well as smart wildlife management decisions, has helped conserve the population of whitetail deer in the region. Bucks here live longer and thus produce bigger antlers. The variety of available vegetation in the brushlands has also kept the whitetail population healthy.

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