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La Salle County Ranch Land

Named after the famous 17th century French explorer Robert de La Salle, South Texas’ La Salle County is a cattle ranching and farming area that lies partly in the Winter Garden Region. The topography of La Salle County ranch land varies from flat to rolling and its vegetation is a typical South Texas mix of grasses, live oak and thorny brush types such as mesquite.

La Salle County, Texas – Hunting Land for Sale in South Texas

As in much of South Texas, especially in areas in or near the region dubbed the golden triangle, La Salle County Ranch Land has a strong population of trophy-class whitetail deer, a fact that never fails to appeal to hunting enthusiasts. The wildlife in the area is famous for its diversity as a whole – hunting land in South Texas is considered to be one of the most biologically diverse in the state.

Spread out over 1,494 square miles, La Salle County has a 2006 population estimate of 5,969, giving it one of the region’s lowest population density figure. It’s seat, the city of Cotulla, is home to an estimated 3,628 people and is clearly where the majority of the county’s population resides. Encinal is the county’s only other city.

La Salle County, Texas – South Texas Ranch Land for Sale

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