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Jim Hogg County Ranch Land

Named after popular Texas Governor James Stephen Hogg, Jim Hogg County in South Texas is sandwiched between Zapata County on the west and Brooks County on the east; Webb and Duval counties border it on the north and Starr County serves as its neighbor to the south. Ranching has been a way of life in the area for generations, even before the existence of the county itself. Some parcels of Jim Hogg County ranch land that are for sale today used to be part of much larger ranches that managed to stay intact well into the 1900s.

The county has an area totaling 1,136 square miles and, according to the most recent estimates, the population is only 4,973. Like the majority of other South Texas counties, Jim Hogg has a very low population density. It also has a topography that’s very much similar to that of its neighbors – flat and gently sloping and covered with chaparral, mesquite and other brushland vegetation types. As such, hunting is also the most popular activity in the area.

For many, the main attraction that Jim Hogg County ranch land holds is its wildlife. Like much of the hunting land in South Texas, Bobwhite quail and trophy-class white-tailed deer are the two most popular game animals in the region.

Jim Hogg County, Texas – South Texas Ranch Land for Sale

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