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Hunting Land In South Texas

Hunting land in South Texas is home to more than the trophy-class white-tailed deer that have made it famous. You’ll find a diversity of other wildlife on hunting land in South Texas and, frequently, above it as well. The region isn’t just a hunter’s dream come true, it’s also a birdwatching enthusiast’s paradise.

Almost 500 species of birds regularly make an appearance in South Texas and quite a number of them are rarities that you won’t spot elsewhere in the United States. Whatever the season, the skies and the brush are alive with the calls and colors of green jays, bobwhites, blue birds, cardinals, white-tipped doves, black-shouldered kites, red-tailed hawks and hundreds of other species, including a wide range of waders and swimmers.

Apart from avian species, hunting land in South Texas is also alive with the presence of wildlife such as badgers, bobcats, coyotes, jackrabbits, javelina (or peccary), raccoons, wild hogs and rare species like the Texas tortoise and the spotted ocelot. The generally large sizes of South Texas ranches and hunting land in South Texas, as well as the quality of the soil and the variety of vegetation has helped preserve the diversity of wildlife in the region.

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