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Duval County Ranch Land

Duval County is located south of Live Oak and McMullen counties, north of Brooks and Jim Hogg, west of Jim Wells and east of Webb. The county’s total area is 1,796 square miles and much of this is made up of Duval County ranch land.

A predominantly rural area, Duval County’s economy is based mostly on cattle ranching as well as oil and natural gas production. Ranching has long been a tradition here and many parcels of Duval County ranch land have been passed down for generations. Today, Duval County ranch land is some of the most sought-after in the region, especially by hunting enthusiasts who value the area’s population of trophy whitetail deer and other wildlife.

Duval County has an estimated 2006 population of 12,437. It gets its name from Burr H. Duval, commander of the Kentucky Mustangs and one of the soldiers executed in the Goliad Massacre during the Texas Revolution. The seat of Duval County is the city of San Diego, with a population of 3,677. Other cities in the county are Freer and Benavides, and unincorporated communities include Concepcion, Ramirez, Realitos and Sejita.

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