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Throw the perfect housewarming party!

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Nothing is quite as exciting as moving into a new home; more so if it’s your first home. You’d want to share the excitement of this milestone with family and friends, perhaps also touch base with the new neighbors. And there’s no better way to do so than through a housewarming party!

Of course, an event like this needs planning. Here’s how you can guarantee both success and a good time for everyone in your forthcoming housewarming party:

Plan well

If you want to go casual, prepare a simple menu of small bites and drinks. You can even be flexible with time by inviting guests to arrive within a certain time frame.

If you want things formal, you’ll need to plan a bit more. It could entail more work in the kitchen or hiring caterers. You also have to be specific about arrival times so everyone can be seated at the dinner table simultaneously.

Create your guest list

Before you start writing down names of people you want to have over, first consider your new space. For a smaller home, you may want to restrict invites to family and close friends. You have the advantage of inviting more people when you have a larger home. However, notwithstanding your home’s size, stick to a number that you know you can comfortably host.

Invitations with RSVP requests are good to give out so you can better estimate how much food and drink to prepare. Let some of your neighbors also drop by as a way to introduce yourself to the community and make quick friends.

Choose a theme

Having a theme for your housewarming party adds an element of fun into the occasion. You can ask your guest to dress up in a certain way. Or you can let them bring plants that you can add to your new yard. Maybe set up a table chock-full of items for craft making. Whatever the theme is, make it something your expected guests will enjoy participating in.

Clean and organize

Of course, you just moved, so the house may still be in a mess. However, try to give some semblance of organization to your home before hosting your party. At least ensure that the place generally looks tidy and clutter-free. Put away stuff you would not want others to see and stash away valuables.

Expect people to be visiting your bathroom a lot so make it a point for this area to be spotlessly clean. Make sure it’s well-stocked with the necessary toiletries and towels. Most of all, ensure that you have perfectly-working faucets, toilet flushes, lights, and running water.

Set up a bar and buffet

For a casual party, prop up a table to serve as a bar and lay out appetizers, buffet style. This setup will allow guests to serve themselves leisurely and give you more time to mingle with everybody. Try to provide a healthy variety of choices including vegetarian and pre-cut fruit options so everyone can have something to eat.

Disposable and biodegradable dishes are a good option for parties of this nature. Cleanup will be easier and you won’t have to unpack your prized china and cutlery just yet. With a formal sit-down dinner, however, you will need to take these out for the proper table spread.

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