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Things to Love About Rural Living

Little hiker girl and her brother hiking on path between fields. The girl is jumping. Sunny autumn day, clear sky.

City life might look exciting, glamorous, and replete with conveniences, but there are a lot of advantages to rural living. Here’s a list of the things we love about rural South Texas:

  1. There are less distractions

 When you live in wider, quieter spaces, it’s easier to stay focused. You’re removed from the cacophony of the city and the many diversions that serve to waylay you. In cities, peace and quiet can be a luxury, but if you live in the country, it is the norm.

  1. It’s healthier

 From the food you eat to the air you breathe, everything is fresher and healthier in a rural setting. More greenery around you means less asthma-inducing triggers like polluted air. Freshly picked produce can be obtained directly from neighboring farms. You can also grow your own food.

Maintaining a ranch or a farmhouse requires a degree of physical activity too, so there are always plenty of ways to stay in shape – no gym membership required.

  1. Life thrives all around

 The natural beauty surrounding you in a rural setting can’t compare to anything the big city offers. Even from indoors, a quick peek out the window can mean a blossoming garden, wide tracts of land being grazed upon by your livestock, and stunning vistas beyond it. That’s not even counting the wildlife whose habitats fall within your vicinity.

  1. There’s a greater sense of community

 Unlike in cities, where people can live next door and still not know each other, a rural neighborhood is typically warmer and more connected. In small rural towns, everyone knows their neighbors and looks after their welfare – even if homes are separated by acres of land. There’s simply a better sense of “home.”

  1. It’s a wonderful place to raise kids

 In highly populated cities, the student-teacher ratio can go upwards of 25:1;  in rural locales, there can be as few as 12 to 15 students per teacher, creating a more focused learning environment. Learning also extends far beyond the classroom in rural locations. A thriving, healthy environment invites exploration and discovery of practical skills.

  1. You’re less likely to develop psychological problems

At least 10 studies have revealed that people who live in the city have a greater chance of developing psychological problems. In fact, more than a third of all schizophrenia cases are linked to or aggravated by the environmental conditions in urban areas. Other studies say that a green environment eases sadness and depression.

  1. The cost of living is lower compared to big cities

In some of America’s biggest cities, a box of cereal can cost upwards of $10. In Houston, for example, the cost of living is 8.6% higher than in Three Rivers in South Texas. According to Sperling’s city-by-city comparison, the housing costs in Houston are 64% more than the cost in Three Rivers.

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