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Living in a small town in Big Texas

 Living in a small town in Big Texas

Texas is a state that certainly has some big cities such as Houston and Austin. But, the real charm of the state is found in the small towns that are brimming with culture. Sure, the urban lifestyle has its perks, but for many the calm and friendly atmosphere of a small town simply can’t be found elsewhere. Have a look at what to expect when living in a small town in Big Texas.

A Strong Community Feel

One of the most noticeable aspects of small town living in Texas is the community feel. You will feel as though you are a true part of the local community, rather than a passerby. It may be a generalization, but people do tend to forge closer relationships when living in a small town. This is in comparison to bigger cities, where communities have a more superficial feel about them. The local economy tends to be very important, and there will be more opportunities to support locally run businesses. The corporate feel of a big city will feel distant when living in a small town.

Lower Living Costs

Another drawback of big city living is the high costs. From grocery shopping to rent, everything seems to be more expensive in the biggest cities. On the contrary, small towns tend to be far more affordable. Housing is cheaper on average, and in general living costs tend to be substantially lower. This makes it easier to reach your desired lifestyle.

Lower Crime Rates

As well as a reduction in living costs, you can also expect lower crime rates. Residents tend to feel safer, and there is usually an added emphasis on enjoying the outdoors. Of course no town is free from crime, but major crime tends to occur at far lower levels in most Texas small towns. This makes them an ideal location to raise children and to settle down.

Reduction in Traffic

Fewer residents means less traffic, and you can enjoy a more peaceful commute. The big city is filled with gridlocks and constant traffic that can be a real hindrance. You can wave goodbye to this traffic when you settle into a small town. Fewer cars on the road also means you can enjoy clean air which is an added health benefit.

Slower and Quieter Lifestyle

Most of all, the small town Texas lifestyle is one that has a slower pace. You are able to take in everything at your own pace, and get away from the hectic nature of a city. However, this doesn’t mean that small town life is boring. Far from it in fact, when you consider the regular events and activities that are available all-year round.

These are some of the key benefits that you can take advantage of when living in a small town within Texas. If you’re thinking of making the switch, then Let Desert Flower Realty be your guide. You can contact us at 361.449.2051 and DesertFlowerRealty(at)DesertFlowerRealty(dotted)com.