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How to increase your ranch’s value before selling it

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Selling your ranch can be tedious and a bit more challenging than selling a standard home. However, the returns are quite hefty, given the expanse and potential of the property.

If you want to max out your ranch property’s resale value upon putting it in the market, try making simple improvements to the property. Listed below are tried-and-tested pointers to get the best deal out of your ranch’s resale:

Boost curb appeal

Your ranch’s outside appearance is the first thing buyers see so start there to make a good impression. It can be as easy as pulling out weeds, picking up trash, pruning trees, maintaining shrubs, clearing debris from the tract, and removing environmental hazards. An even more stress-free method for increasing curb appeal is through hiring a landscaper or other professionals to do the job for you.

Add fencing and fix the gates

Installing a fence is a great way to add value, improve curb appeal, and increase your property’s security. Remember to put up the appropriate fence for your ranch’s use. For example, a stretched barbed wire fence is perfect for cattle while a yard fence adds beauty and defines boundaries. Always make sure the fence is properly installed when getting your ranch ready for sale.

In Texas, it’s common to find gates as main access points to rural property. It’s essential to keep these gates well-maintained and looking great. Having gates in great working order helps, especially when showing potential buyers around the ranch.

Plant trees and build structures

Accentuating the property with trees and structures can add to the property’s functionality and aesthetic. Remember to strategically plant trees and build structures in a way that they won’t block any views.

For properties with an open and spacious landscape, trees lining the borders and in other strategic areas can provide that much-needed privacy. Always keep the buyer’s wants and needs in mind as you add structures to your ranch.

Improve access

Having a ranch that has good road access not only increases your property’s value but also makes it more appealing to buyers. You can easily improve your ranch’s road access by putting asphalt or concrete on the driveway. You can also opt for more economical options like gravel.

Run utility lines

Running utility lines for water, electricity, and more can be a pretty expensive endeavor, depending on how close your ranch is to the city or suburb. However, it can increase your ranch’s value by 10% to 30%.

Properties with complete utilities are a priority among a majority of buyers. Aside from the basic water and electricity, utilities like internet access, cable, and phone lines are buyer magnets, as well.

You can also use this opportunity to introduce alternative forms of energy like solar and wind to make your property more environment-friendly and economical.

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