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Featured Listing: West County Road 239 Orange Grove, Texas 78372

We present one of the finest ranches in all of Texas. With over 600 acres of unspoiled land, this is one historic ranch that you won’t want to miss out on. Find out more about this exceptional ranch that is located near Jim Wells County, but be quick because a gem like this is almost certain to sell quickly.

Property Details

The ranch belongs to a larger historic Shaeffer ranch, which has been in the same family since the 1800s. You can access the property through CR 239. There are stunning and varied views available on the land. Elevations can range from 280 all the way up to 380. The ranch provides the best way to take in the excellent natural beauty of Texas. There is pernitas sand clay loam soil and lottus clay soils. The varied vegetation makes it ideal for many types of wildlife. There are also many large trees to admire in the ranch, and the property is fully game managed.


This property is located on the Northern boundary of Jim Wells County, and it is also fairly close to the George West, Orange Grove, Alice, Corpus Christi regions. It is also not too far away from the urban jungle that is San Antonio.

The property can be found 9 miles west of the FM624/Hwy 281 intersection. It is easily commutable to the following destinations;

– George West

The ranch lies 15 miles of George West, which is a city named after a historic rancher.

– Orange Grove

18 miles south-east of the ranch, you will be able to find Orange Grove, which is located in Jim Wells County.

– Alice

Going 24 miles South will take you to Alice, which is another city in Jim Wells County.

– Corpus Christi

Going further, 54 miles South East will take you to Corpus Christi. This beautiful coastal city has plenty of wonderful sights and amenities. A weekend trip away to the downtown area is an easy possibility from the ranch.

– San Antonio

Even San Antonio isn’t too far away. Going 112 miles north will take you right into the heart of the city. There is always something to do in this urban historic city, and you will never be too far away from the lively action. A monthly trip to San Antonio is more than feasible.

Overall, the prime location of this wonderful ranch is definitely one of the main benefits. You can enjoy relaxing in the land, safe in the knowledge that many fantastic Texas cities are only a short drive away.

If you are interested in visiting this ranch, reach out to one of our team members and set up an appointment. We are happy to help you learn more about this amazing property, and give you all the details you need. You can contact us at 361.449.2051 and DesertFlowerRealty(at)DesertFlowerRealty(dotted)com. Act fast for a chance to own this historic piece of land in Jim Wells County.