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Featured Listing: Highway 281 CR 151, George West, Texas, 78022

vacant land in George West, TX

Looking for a beautiful place to live in Jim Wells County? It doesn’t get much better than this 1068 acres SR Ranch. This well-maintained ranch is located in the northwest of Jims Well County, by the border where Jim Wells, Duval County, and Live Oak meet. Located just two miles west of the intersection of highway 281 and CR 239, the ranch is well connected to the surrounding areas.

With around 5,351 feet of frontage along the CR 239, the property is accessed via a locked gate on the CR 239 itself.


There’s plenty to see and do at the ranch. From the usual hunting and recreational opportunities you’d expect from ranch living, there’s also water recreation to be had at the Lake Corpus Christi State Park. Located just 24 miles northeast of the SR ranch, the park is famous for their neotropical migrant birds, hiking opportunities, fishing, and water sports.

SR Ranch is also situated by the deepwater ports of Mexico and the Gulf of Mexico.

The nearest commercial airport to SR Ranch is around 38 miles away in Corpus Christi, but Alice Airport is only 15 miles away. The airport has a paved and lighted runway, but the Corpus Christi airport offers more choice of destinations.

Flora and Fauna

The vegetation in the area is a great mixture of high-quality native grass and buffelgrass that creates the ideal environment for grazing animals. The brush is made up of what you’d expect to find in South Texas, including; mesquite, lime prickly ash, granjeno, hog plum, persimmon, and guayacan. There’s plenty of trees and transition areas on offer too for great views of the wildlife. It’s also good for the wildlife, providing the deer, doves, quail, hogs, and turkey that inhabit the ranch with room to hide and forage.


The ranch has a wealth of access to water. If anything, this abundance of water is the secret to the success of the SR Ranch. There are three water tanks to the north, south, and central parts of the property. The central water tank provides the headquarters with water. The southern water tank is fuelled by a solar-powered well that pumps water. There are cisterns near the water wells for storage. The availability of water on the ranch, combined with the cross-fencing, creates the ideal environment for raising cattle and also provides water to the local wildlife.


The SR Ranch has received several improvements over time. These improvements have made it more efficient for taking care of cattle and reaping the bounty of the South Texas brush. The Ranch has an implement barn, a set of working pens, a camp house completed with a covered porch, a water well, trough, and cistern, and other improvements.

Every area of the ranch can be accessed using the roads that cover it as well as through the fence line. SR Ranch is protected by first-rate high fence perimeter wiring. It is separated into separate pastures with the help of 5-wire cross fencing, giving you plenty of choice over the kinds of plants and animals you want to take care of.