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The Elements of a Ranch-Style Bathroom

ranch-style bathtub

There’s more to a bathroom than the primary purpose it serves. Even as far back as the 2nd century B.C., Romans built public baths to clean themselves and to socialize. Today, a private bathroom is just as multifunctional, a place in which to relax, soak in a tub with a glass of wine, get a massage and a bit of hydrotherapy in a spa tub, reinvigorate yourself in a spa shower, and so on. Aroma therapy candles can also turn a bathroom into a meditative space where you can banish the stresses of a long hard day.

Renovating a bathroom to mimic the qualities of a Ranch-style house is the perfect way to convey a sense of down-home comfort and become the sanctuary it’s supposed to be.

Here are a few ways to recreate a warm country feel in your bathroom.

  1. Use rough or lightly finished materials.
  2. Ranch-style homes first emerged in the 1930s but didn’t spread across the US until after the end of the Second World War. The simple finishes, sprawling single-story layout, and the fact that it was easier and more economical to build made it a popular choice for those who wanted to escape the confines of the city.

    To evoke the simple aura of this style and era, and apply them to your bathroom, use hardwoods like maple and oak or softer woods like knotty pine for walls and floors.

    Unfinished boards with some knots are preferable to those with finer, uniform grains because they lend a cozier character to space. If you prefer painted surfaces and tile, you can play up the rustic feel by using shiplap for the walls and hexagonal tile flooring.

    Note that wood is not waterproof and may cause problems down the road if the bathroom is not well ventilated. You can also look into alternatives like engineered wood or porcelain tiles that resemble the qualities you want in wood – such as looks, warmth, durability, and a rustic vibe.

  3. Keep things earthy and neutral.
  4. Country homes often reflect their surroundings and are rooted in the colors of nature-rich browns, off-whites, muted yellows, pale blues. Give your bathroom the same treatment by sticking to subtle color palettes. Dark wood accents and off-white walls are a classic combination, as are slate tiles and white freestanding tubs.

  5. Upgrade bathroom fixtures.
  6. If you aren’t ready for a full bathroom makeover, focusing on fixtures can go a long way towards making your bathroom look like it belongs in a country setting.

    Replace old faucets with waterfall or double-cross faucets finished in antique brass, bronze, copper, or matte black. If you want to emphasize the farmhouse influence, you might want to consider a wooden cabinet vanity with a hammered copper sink or a wall-mounted trough sink.

  7. Go with handcrafted furniture.
  8. Are you partial to working with wood and skilled at it? Nothing says rustic more than handiwork. Dedicate a few hours in the garage for the build. Depending on your skills, you can churn out some shelves, a mirror frame, or a wall cabinet.

    If you have a more ambitious project in mind like a custom wooden vanity, there’s no shame in enlisting the services of a professional woodworker. You’ll get a one-of-a-kind piece out of it.

  9. Maximize the use of large windows.
  10. Open plans exemplify the ranch style. Sliding glass doors and large picture windows were popularized by ranch homes because they complimented the spacious floor plans and also offered unobstructed views of yard and lawn.

    Take advantage of large windows by keeping them free of ornate decor and heavy curtains and drapes. If privacy is an issue because of where windows are facing, keep wandering eyes out by installing one-way window films and light curtains and blinds.

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