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Design Ideas for Your Ranch Home

Interior designer working on home design at a furniture store

Owning a ranch property is a dream come true but what makes it even more exciting is the prospect of decorating your new home to your tastes. Here are some design ideas for your ranch home.


The Craftsman movement privileges function over form, making in an excellent choice for a homey but no-frills ranch property. Craftsman-style homes typically have gleaming hardwood floors in the living area and stone or ceramic tile floors in the bathroom and kitchen. Wooden trim or mouldings are present throughout the home, usually framing doorways and windows.

Craftsman-style furniture is often made of grainy oak, with built-in seating and cabinetry being some of the movement’s trademarks.

Mid Century Modern

This design theme is making a comeback, not just because of nostalgia, but also because of its homey and timeless quality. Having originated in the 1950s and 60s – a memorable era for style and design in American history – the Mid Century Modern palette combines dark neutral shades with heavily saturated accent colors. Think dark wood panels with mustard-colored rugs or upholstery.

Mid Century furniture also has an unmistakable look, with clean lines accentuated by curved angles, one or two colors, and virtually no patterns. Pieces from this era, or are inspired by it, are typically made of wood, fiber glass, or metal.

If you want to bring in some pattern, however, you can choose a rug with geometric design that compliments your Mid Century décor.


You don’t need to live in a beachfront home in New England to enjoy nautical décor, which works just as well for ranch properties, particularly homes overlooking ponds or lakes.

Laid-back but elegant, the coastal chic theme will bring out your adventurous side and help you relive your holiday in Santorini or Maldives from years ago.

Nautical design makes use of natural, breathable materials like linen, cotton, hemp, jute, rattan, and unfinished wood. You can also choose from a color palette that includes various shades of white, blue, and beige.

Popular accent pieces include seashells, real sand, glass jars, and rowing oars, just to name a few.

Make sure to bring in plenty of natural light by using sheer drapes or adding a few skylights to your home.

Urban Modern

This has its roots in the modern converted lofts you’ll find in major cities like Texas, which are characterized by contemporary, minimal design elements like large pieces of furniture that sit lower on the floor and soft, neutral colors that create a safe and quiet haven amidst a hectic urban lifestyle.

It is essentially a mellow version of industrial design with a hip and trendy feel, so feel free to stock up on plush rugs and oversized chairs. As for surfaces, a combination of brick, steel, wood, and mixed metals will do the trick.

Urban Modern is also associated with large amounts of natural light – floor-to-ceiling windows and reflective surfaces can open up the space and make it more relaxing.

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