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6 Important Features to Look for in a Ranch Property

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Owning your own ranch property comes with a number of great benefits. It gives you space and the freedom to start your own farm or business and it can reward you with huge returns. But before you buy one, it’s important to assess its features and consider how these will work to your advantage.

Here are 6 of the most important features that a ranch property should have:

  1. Accessibility
    A property’s location will tell you how much privacy you have, the kind of views that you’ll get, and the type of environment that you’ll be living in. When determining the location of your ranch property, ask yourself questions about the type of ranch you want. Are there nearby grocery stores, medical centers or restaurants to the property? Or do you want your ranch property to be located in a more private and secluded area?
  2. Ample land size
    If you’re planning to start your own ranch, one of the most important features that you’ll need is space. While there is no required size for a ranch, it should be big enough to comfortably support the number of cattle or livestock that you’re planning to have. Having enough space also avoids animal congestion and overstocking, which causes food competition and soil erosion.
  3. Available water supply
    Water is an essential feature that your ranch needs. Without an available water supply, the animals in your ranch won’t be able to properly digest
    and absorb nutrients into their bodies, resulting in slower metabolism. Water is also necessary for growing fodder such as straw, dried hay, and cornstalks.
  4. The right soil
    One of the most important features that you need to consider is the type of soil the land possesses. Soil affects the growth of fodder in your ranch
    which, in turn, affects the quality of the food given to your cattle and livestock. Loam soil is the best type for a ranch because its mixture of soil, sand, clay, and silt is ideal for growing plants.

    To determine the soil type, submit a soil sample to a soil testing lab in your city or state. Some of the best soil testing facilities in Texas are:

  5. Temperate climate
    The climate in your potential ranch property has a huge effect on your cattle and livestock’s lives. That’s why you need to consider the
    temperature, wind, and humidity in a ranch property. Animals kept in a climate that’s too cold or too hot get stressed, which eventually lowers their reproduction rate and their capacity to produce farm products.
  6. Water rights
    Water is an essential feature in a ranch property. Without any legal access to water, it would be hard to nourish your livestock and agriculture. When looking at potential properties, ask about the water rights, the source of water, and where it is located. In Texas, the water rights of a property depend on whether the water is surface water or groundwater.

The ranch properties in South Texas are among the best in the state and rural land prices in the region have risen by over 7% from 2017 to 2018. If you’re thinking about buying a ranch in the South Texas areas of George West City, Duval County, and Live Oak County, feel free to give me, John Walker, a call at 361-449-2051 or send an email to desertflowerrealty(at)desertflowerrealty(dotted)com.